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Nowadays computers can no longer be removed from our daily lives. Some people need their computers for work, school recreation, you name it. If it breaks, something must be done quickly. Relax… It’s only broken. Are you looking for an expert computer repair in Bussum? Then check out our store! You will find us at Kapelstraat 3.

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Most computer repairs are done while you wait, have a cup of tea or fresh coffee, and you’ll be outside in no time.

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No cure, no pay. You will never be faced with unexpected costs for your repair, if we cannot solve your problem, you won’t pay a cent.

Always a 6-month warranty

We trust that your computer will last a long time after a repair. Therefore, always a 6-month warranty on our services.

Cheaper than competitors

In addition to being the fastest and only using parts of the highest quality, your repair is also cheaper with us than with the competition.

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Now that you have all the information, you naturally want to know how to ensure that your device is repaired as soon as possible. We offer various options depending on your location and the rush you have to get it fixed.

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Come by without an appointment and your personal smart device will almost always be repaired the same day (and often within 30 minutes!)

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FREE shipping & returns. Costs are deducted from the repair costs. Personal smart device repaired return within 3 working days

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FREE pick-up and return service when the distance to one of our repair stores is less than 5 km. Personal smart device repaired the same day

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Computer repair Bussum: other repairs

What we can do for you

Your random access memory, also called your RAM, determines how much your computer can run at any given time. Do you work with heavy programs, such as video editing, or do you like games? Then a boost to your RAM is not a bad idea at all. Do you just want your computer to run faster? Well, then a boost will do the trick, too. Extra RAM ensures a nice and fast running computer!

You may not always notice it, but your keyboard has a lot to endure. All that typing can eventually affect the keys on your keyboard. Your space bar in particular has a hard time.

Heavy use of your keyboard can cause your keys to fall off, or cause them to stop responding when you touch them. Super annoying, of course.

Fortunately, there are the repair heroes of The Fixables to make your keyboard completely new, ready & able. That way you can write entire novels again in the coming years!

Your HDD, or Hard Disk Drive and SSD, a Solid State Drive, are one of those essential parts that your computer really cannot live without.

A broken hard disk is often due to long usage, but there is always a chance. Some hard drives last for years and years without any problems, others have bad luck and suddenly have a broken hard drive after 2 years.

You can recognize a broken hard drive from computer crashes, when your folders are suddenly moved, renamed or disappeared and when you get vague error messages.

FAQs about a computer repair Bussum

We answer all your questions

If your computer can still be saved, we almost always recommend that you have it repaired. Why? Repaired computers often last a long time, you can move forward for the time being. In addition, your computer is worth a lot of money if it functions properly, should you ever want to resell it. A repaired computer is worth much more than a broken one.

We throw away the bill for ‘mission-failed’ repairs. Apart from repairs to water damage, we believe in no cure, no pay. If we cannot provide the service that both you and we expect, we will be disappointed and therefore do not need any compensation.

For cases of “mission failed” with water damage, we charge € 100, because trying to fix water damage is a huge job that is very time-consuming for our repair heroes.

Of course! We are brave enough to give you the assurance that your computer is in good hands with us.

No upfront costs. If you have any questions to us about your device or if you are looking for expert advice, we will simply provide them at no cost.

No cure no pay. Can’t we fix your problem for you? You have no costs with us (except for water damage repairs).

Only the best parts directly from the factory. This way your computer remains valuable and of high quality.

Transparency. Before we get started, you already know what it will cost and we stick to this price. Does the repair take longer, is it more expensive than expected? Sometimes we have to, but those extra costs are for us!

A 6-month warranty. From start to finish, from parts to service costs, everything is guaranteed for up to 6 months after the repair.

If something is not right and you are not satisfied, we would like to hear from you! Come back to the store and we’ll work it out together.

The cost of a repair depends on what needs to be replaced and how long we spend on this. To make it easier for you, here is an overview of the prices of computer repairs!

It is always a shame to throw away your computer if it is still fixable. Firstly, you put a lot of money into the purchase of your device, you want value for money. Your PC can last a long time if you give it a little facelift. Have you been ready for a new laptop for a while? Then it is still useful to have your old one fixed. Why? Because there is a high demand for working second-hand computers. You can make someone happy with a working computer and this way you already covered a large part of the costs of your new device!

Usually not too long. Most repairs we carry out are done the same day. Water damage repairs take longer. You usually have to do this 5 working days before the device is fully restored.