Send by registered mail

FREE shipping & return.

Don’t worry about shipping costs, we got it covered! All you need to do is let us know that your package is on its way by registered mail. Enter your details and do not forget to add the ticket number! If we need additional information during the repair, we will contact you! The costs for registered mail (EUR 8.95) will be deducted from the repair costs.


    • Do not forget to send the ticket number (as mentioned above) with the shipment (a post-it on the personal
      smart device is sufficient
    • We only request the access code to enable the functionality of your personal smart device both before and after the repair
      can test
    • If you have questions about the repair and / or as soon as the repair is ready, we will contact you to process the
      payment and return service
    • We request that you give the personal smart device without a SIM card and accessories to the courier