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Huawei has selected The Fixables as a cooperation partner to also carry out warranty repairs for Huawei customers. That means that you get the best repair with us with original parts from Huawei.

It is important to follow a number of steps:

  1. Call one of our stores to explain the problem to your device and make sure you have the serial number (imei) available
  2. We first check whether the device is indeed still within the warranty period
  3. We then ask you to come by to inspect the device and diagnose the problem
  4. When the required part is in stock, we can often solve the problem within 1 hour (depending on how busy it is).
  5. If the part is not in stock, the device can be left behind and we will inform you when the device has been fixed again.

To guarantee your privacy, we ask you not to provide the access code, but to hand in the device in maintenance mode. We can help you with this in the store. If this is not possible due to the defect, we will still ask for the access code to guarantee the quality of the repair. In a number of situations, the Huawei warranty no longer applies: Fall impact, liquid damage, already opened by third parties, or rooting your device.

Call or visit one of our repair stores

Relax, we can fix almost everything

For Huawei in warranty repairs always first to call a store to check whether the part is in stock and so your visit is not for nothing.