Macbook water damage repair: expert & reliable

Relax, it’s only broken…

Your MacBook is of course dear to you. Unfortunately, a glass of water, cup of coffee or another liquid can accidentally spill over your MacBook. This must be fixed quickly! Water damage is an expensive joke and can cause irreparable damage. Fortunately, we at The Fixables have the best skills to hopefully make your MacBook as perfectly fine again, unfortunately we cannot offer any guarantees with water damage! Feel free to come by for an investigation or advice, we are happy to help you.




What a shame that your MacBook has come into contact with water (or coffee, tea or other liquids)! The temptation to see if it still works is great, but also a great danger. If your personal smart device is wet and you turn it on again, you can imagine that a firework show occurs on the inside and everything inside the device breaks due to corrosion on the motherboard, for example. Here we give you the right steps to take:


Turn off your MacBook (and don’t turn it on anymore!). Put it away, and definitely don’t put it on the charger!


Make sure your MacBook comes to our repair store ASAP.


We first investigate whether it makes sense to get started with your MacBook based on the current damage. We will let you know within 15 minutes.


After we have completely disassembled your MacBook, we remove the moisture damage by cleaning under a microscope (several times if necessary)


We then fully reassemble your MacBook and all functionalities are extensively tested.


After about 7 working days we will (hopefully) make you happy again with a properly working MacBook!

MacBook water damage repair prices

Below you will find the prices of water damage repairs for MacBooks

MacBook (7 working days)
Repair moisture damage (prior agreement until) €500
Compensation for work done if repair is not possible €100

Smartphones & tablets repaired after water damage


MacBooks recovered after water damage


Smartphones & tablets repaired after water damage


MacBooks recovered after water damage

Our service options for your MacBook with water damage

Choose what best fits your needs

Now that you have all the information, you naturally want to know how to ensure that your MacBook is repaired as soon as possible. We offer various options depending on your location and the rush you have to get it fixed.

Drop by

Come by without an appointment and your personal smart device will almost always be repaired the same day (and often within 30 minutes!)

Drop by


FREE shipping & returns. Costs are deducted from the repair costs. Personal smart device repaired return within 3 working days

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Pick up

FREE pick-up and return service when the distance to one of our repair stores is less than 5 km. Personal smart device repaired the same day

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Repair stores for your MacBook with water damage

We are only one step away

Contact us for your MacBook water damage repair, we are happy to help you! You can reach us in various ways.

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MacBook repair: common repairs

What we can do for you

While your working memory may have seemed more than enough for your daily activities at the beginning, programs are getting more and more demanding.

Fortunately, you can see whether you need more memory for MacBooks at “activity display”. Then click on “memory”. The “memory pressure” shows whether you need more memory. You can see this in the colors: Green, yellow, red.

  • Green means that you have enough RAM.
  • Yellow means that your MacBook will need more RAM in the near future.
  • Red means that your MacBook now needs more RAM.

Whether you have performed this test or not: if you want your programs to run faster and better, we recommend increasing your working memory. We can give you tailor-made advice that you know what is most useful in your exact situation!

Are you suddenly unable to type? Or are your keys worn out to such an extent that the buttons let go?

Not surprising in itself, since you use your keyboard intensively when you use your MacBook, just check how often you press the space bar alone. Your keyboard has to endure a lot!

Bring your Mac to us and we’ll install a new keyboard for you.

Is your keyboard okay, but is it not working due to software issues? That is not a problem, we can help you with that too!

Your HDD, or Hard Disk Drive and SSD, a Solid State Drive, are one of those essential parts that your computer really cannot live without.

A broken hard disk is often due to long usage, but there is always a chance. Some hard drives last for years and years without any problems, others have bad luck and suddenly have a broken hard drive after 2 years.

You can recognize a broken hard drive from computer crashes, when your folders are suddenly moved, renamed or disappeared and when you get vague error messages.

FAQs about a MacBook water damage repair

We answer all your questions

Normally we offer the guarantee: No cure no pay. We believe in our skills as repair heroes. This means that we also dare to give guarantees if the repair is unsuccessful. Water damage repairs, on the other hand, are an exception to this rule, as it is not only very tricky, but incredibly time-consuming.

Yes, we certainly have a number of guarantees. We appreciate your trust, so here are a number of The Fixables promises.

No research costs, no money spent on advice. Just sincere advice, without any obligation.

No cure no pay applies to almost all repairs. With the exception of water damage, repairs that are not successful cost € 0 as standard.

Only the highest quality Apple parts, your MacBook will feel like before.

Transparency. We will tell you the duration and price of the repair in advance. Are we going over the agreed number? Sometimes it is necessary for a good repair, but we pay the difference for you, you do not pay anything extra.

6 months warranty on everything related to the repair. Is something not okay? Is there something wrong, or are you simply not satisfied? Feel free to come by again, we will only stop when you are satisfied!

You have paid a reasonable amount when purchasing your MacBook. To get more out of your investment, it is better to opt for repair, since a refurbished MacBook can take a year or so ahead.

If you have a new computer in mind? Then give your Mac a second life by having it fixed, refurbished and resold! There is a great demand for refurbished Apple computers and MacBooks. So you can sell yours for a nice amount and make someone else happy with your old MacBook. Win-win, right?

That depends on what needs to be repaired. To make it as clear as possible for you, you can find a price overview here.

Like the price, the length of the repair depends on what’s wrong. With most repairs you can assume that we will not be working on it for too long, half an hour. In the meantime, you can enjoy our super tasty coffee or a cup of tea.

However, a water damage repair can take up to 5 days. Keep in mind that a data recovery can sometimes also take a couple of hours. Before each repair we will tell you the accurate estimated time it takes us to repair your MacBook.